The Refer-A-MATE or RAM Program is a Recruitment Initiative open to all THE OUTSOURCED ACCOUNTANT TEAM MEMBERS to receive monetary incentives for recommending qualified friends, relatives, former colleagues and peers to apply for positions at THE OUTSOURCED ACCOUNTANT.

Recognition of the team member’s efforts and accomplishments shall also be acknowledged via Certificate of Appreciation given on Team Building days.

TOA believes that the best way to attract quality candidates is through the direct testimonials of our employees who, in turn, are able to identify candidates who have the potential to be successful in the company. The company is committed to incent such employees for helping hire co-employees who will contribute to the company’s growth.

TOA employees are highly encouraged to refer applicants who have excellent English communication skills, customer service, positive work attitude, and a belief of work life balance.

The areas for recruitment would cover professionals in:

  • Accounting
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Other openings that may be determined from time to time

Eligibility of Referrals

Referrers of candidates that are hired are eligible to receive RAM incentives EXCEPT for the following:

  • Referrals that are hired on a part-time, temporary, contractual, or student intern basis.
  • Former employees of TOA who get rehired.
  • Hired referrals who did not pass Recruitment’s first round of screening and were subsequently endorsed to company-accredited training vendors such as AMA Computer School.


  • PHP 3, 000 GC for every hired Accountant, Non-Accountant and TOA Support
  • PHP 5, 000 GC for every hired CPA Accountant
  • PHP 7, 000 GC for every hired CPA Senior Accountant and up

The pay-out of 50% incentive will be released upon the referral’s completion of 90 days of continuous employment with the company, while the remaining 50% will be given upon regularization of the candidate.

Furthermore, TOA team member who earned the most number of hired referrals by the end of this year, will win a TRIP FOR TWO in one of these destinations:



  • There is no limit to the number of candidates that an employee can refer.
  • For referrers to be eligible to receive RAM incentives, candidate referrals must successfully complete the entire recruitment and training process and become a regular employee of TOA.
  • Referrer employees must be of active employment status with TOA upon awarding of the RAM incentives.
  • Employees participating in this program must inform their referrals of their full name. Nicknames written on any referral forms or cards may cause confusion or mismatching of referrals which may cause delays in rewarding or non-payment.
  • Employees must inform their referral to write their full name on the recruitment application form.
  • Employees are prohibited from poaching walk-in applicants at the TOA Talent Acquisition / Recruitment Center or at any official recruitment event sponsored by the company.
  • In the event that two or more employees refer the same candidate, the candidate will be asked to identify only one referral source to which the full incentive amount will be given.
  • If a candidate lists/declares more than one referring employee, he/she will be asked to identify only one referral source to which the full incentive amount will be given.
  • Retroactive referral submissions are not allowed under the rules of the program. The referring employee can be declared by the candidate ONLY until the job application stage.
  • TOA Talent Acquisition / Recruitment will be responsible for verifying the referrer name from all candidate referrals as well as for monitoring and processing RAM incentives.
  • TOA Recruitment will initiate the incentive payment process after an eligible referred candidate has been hired and been employed for the required period of time.
  • TOA Recruitment reserves the right to interpret, suspend, alter, revoke or terminate this program in its entirety or any portion thereof at any time.


Who should I refer?

Employees may refer relatives, friends, former work colleagues and peers to TOA. It is best to refer someone you know personally, or have a relation with in some way. Pre-qualifying your candidate referrals increases the chances of them getting hired.

How can I be sure that a candidate referral will be credited to me?

For a successful referral to be appropriately credited to an employee, any of the following criteria must be followed:

  • Applicant must list the name of the referring employee in the application form.
  • Name of the referring employee must be clearly indicated on Google docs Referral Slip with the name and contact details of the applicant.

How will I know if my referral is hired by the company and that I am eligible for the referral bonus?

A list of successful referrals and corresponding incentive amounts as well as dates of check release will be posted in the Bulletin Boards and is updated every 3rd week of the month. Referral disputes should be made within two months from new employee’s date of hire.

When will I receive the referral bonus?

One month after new hire’s completion of 90-days of continued employment

When will the counting of 120-days start?

At the start of the first successful referral. Board date of the new hire.

If a team member will have 2 successful referrals (1CPA and 1 Non-CPA) who reached 90-days rule, will the team member get Php 2,500 work of gift check (for CPA) plus Php 1,500 worth of gift check (for Non-CPA)?

The rule is, if the CPA and Non CPA were hired on the same start date then the referring employee will receive a total of 4,000 gift check after 90 days. If hired on a different start date, then will have to follow the rule stipulated on RAM policies and guidelines w/c is 2,500 for CPA and 1,500 for Non-CPA and increment of 1,500 for the succeeding referral.