The Outsourced Accountant is owned and operated by an Australian entrepreneur who understands the needs of Accounting firms around the world. It deals with these clients exclusively, helping them identify their current workflow blockages and employ the right team on a full-time basis to help them grow their business.

Our business has a strong Australian and New Zealand culture, and a strong management team in place, both in the Philippines and in Australia. Our business structure includes a dedicated Talent Acquisition Division, Operations Division, HR Division, Facility Management Division, Client Experience and Account Management Division, and Marketing. And by 2016, TOA will also have a team in the UK to cater for the needs of the British Accounting firms.

Our aim is to help your firm become more efficient and deliver more services and value to your clients by outsourcing.

We currently have two offices: one is in Australia, containing your client-facing team, and your technical and review team (for your offshore office); the other will be offshore who will perform all back-office tasks.

    Financial statements, budgeting, cash flows and reports, and management reporting and reviews will surely level up the benefit scales through outsourcing in an affordable accounting way.
      Accounts payable and receivable, estimation of assets, inventory, payroll and reconciliation of bank accounts can be more managed by our team of experts.
        Completion of tax returns from start to end will be handled by our team of Accountants to ensure timely filing; thus, avoiding legal issues and penalties.